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Following the publication of information in the media, regarding the alleged spying and data harvesting operations by the American N.S.A. 'Prism' system, Raindart Computing Ltd would like to give the following information regarding how we ensure the privacy of all customer data on our systems and servers.


It has been stated in the press that any data stored on US based servers can be collected, read and used for unknown purposes by the US government and their agents. This has been interpreted by some industry experts as meaning that any storage of private data on US servers by UK organisations can no longer be considered as private. In doing this, organisations may be in possible contravention the UK data protection act.


Raindart Computing does not store any customer data on any third party servers at any location. This would include any third party servers in the US or the UK.


All customer data that is stored by us is, and always has been, stored on our own servers. These servers are wholly contained on Raindart Computing Premises. Our premises are fully controlled and secured by us at all times. We carry out no form of data harvesting, data analysis or any other action that could be seen as snooping on our customer's private data or email. We have never given any customer data to any third party and would only do so if forced to by a legal court order.


The following are our services that are wholly contained on our own private servers and covered by our security policy:-

Qtrail Vehicle Tracking
1mail email
Hosted Private Company & Personal email
Hosted DNS services
Thunder-Cloud Cloud storage
Hosted Terminal services


Our Hosted web sites are fully contained on our own private servers. However any customers that have their Web-site usage statistics collected in any Google Analytics account should be aware that this data is retained on Google servers in the US and other countries. This data is therefore out of our control and out side of our security measures.


For any further information on this please contact us.