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Helping Your Business

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Raindart Web Hosting, The service we offer is a fully managed service. You can get on with running your business while we worry how your site performs on the web. We will advise on any changes we fell your site needs based on it’s real world performance. It is our business to to get your site well positioned on the search engines. You will get a weekly email detailing your site’s full hit statistics.

We have in-house web page designers who can make the minor changes to your web site to get it higher in the search engine rankings. This can all be done as part of your managed hosting package.

eMail Services
If you would like to use email with your hosted website please see our IT Services page.

Raindart Computing offers various levels of service depending on your requirements. As part of our hosting package we can aquire and register a domain on your behalf or host an existing domain. This service is provided on our in house servers. We offer a very high level of availability with our multiple redundant servers so your site is always live 24 Hours a day