Reliable and Fast Name Servers

Servers monitored 24 hours a day

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Name Server - We can host any domain DNS records on our Name Servers. This service is available even if we do not host your website or hold you domain registration.

Our servers offer 100% availability with round robin serving of DNS records. The servers are monitored against failure 24 Hours a day.


Secondary DNS - Our DNS servers are available to act as a secondary server to your primary name server. They can accept dynamic updates using any standard method.

We offer up to five name servers located at geographicaly diverse locations and on different subnets. All servers are provided on high bandwidth Fibre connections.


Recursive DNS - We offer a recursive DNS service that can be used in addition or instead of the service offered by your ISP. We can offer this service to any customer with a fixed IP address.

To use this service you would simply replace the settings for your ISP DNS server with the settings for our service. Using this service will speed up your internet browser especially during peak usage on the internet when you ISPs servers are overloaded. Our server also offers website filtering. This service can block access to external websites offering unsuitable content or those known to have poisoned content pages harmfull to your PC.

Name Server Information

Our name server addresses are:-



Our in house DNS servers are located at our server farms in geographicaly diverse locations. They are all on independent subnets with backup power supplies.

We operate five independant name servers providing all normal DNS services. We guarantee 100% up time on a minimum of three servers. This ensures your site will never be unreachable due to our DNS failure.