Remote Server Monitoring

Helping Your Business

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Raindart service monitoring, Our industry leading service is a fully automatic system that can be configured to monitor and test almost any type of service that can be provided by your servers. The services we can monitor my be internal to your company or externally available on the web.

Service monitoring ensures that action can be taken to restore any lost service because you will know the full details of the system failure within a minute or two of the failure.

Using this service your service uptime statistics canl rival the best service providers.

Once our systems are monitoring your service or servers we can use the data collected to perform many optional functions such as performance statistics.

Monitor Functions

These functions include:-  

Statistics collection.
Email or text notification of predetermined status changes such as service failure.
Service restarting on your server.
Remote rebooting of your server.

All our monitoring is provided from five diverse locations in the UK.

No need to worry about your service status

Is my email server collecting my vital emails?

Is my database alive?

Is my proprietary service running?

Is my website really online?

Is my server running out of resources?

Are my servers running?

How do I get peace of mind?